The Management Board of Gambella University evaluated the 6 months performance report

The Management Board of Gambella University evaluated the 6 months performance report; The Board of Management introduced with the new leaders of the University before the report evaluation. Then, the president of the university, Dr. Diriba Iticha, presented the 6-month performance report. The president on his presentation said that nothing is impossible, we can change the university. After the report, Dr. Andrias Geta, state minster for irrigation and low land and chairman of the university’s management board, who lead the discussion, said that the board members were working to support the university, but the university was not improved. The responsibility given to the new leadership is heavy, so it is necessary to revise the existing plan and work diligently by involving all the stakeholders of the university.

After listening to and evaluating the board has approved the report. The board stated that although the new university leadership has been in office for three months, many works have been done in this short period of time.

In the afternoon program, the management board and the university leaders visited the students’ clinic, cafeteria, dormitories, farm field, mechanical engineering laboratory and the administrative building which is being completed. At the end of the visit, a summary discussion was held, suggestions and comments were given, and the management board also commented on some issues that need to be addressed. Both leaderships are attended the student cafe and had dinner with the students.

4 February 2024

Gambella, Ethiopia