President’s Message

Message from the University President

Established in 2014, Gambella University has been producing qualified graduates that are expected to transform the economy of the nation.
Not satisfied with the performance of the university in terms of teaching and learning, research, community service, and internationalization, the MoE of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has reformed the leadership of Gambella University since October 2023.
This university is expected to produce ethical, qualified, and internationally competent graduates that can transform the economy of the country by focusing on quality education, research, community service, as well as internationalization and partnership.
As a comprehensive university, there are 45 undergraduate programs and 10 postgraduate programs that are actively run at Gambella University. Agriculture, Mining, Tourism, and Peace and Security are the university’s centers of excellence.
In order to realize the university’s mission and vision, the university has established seven taskforce teams that work hard to improve academics, research, community service, infrastructure and facilities, digitalization, partnerships, and internationalization, in addition to the supervision team.
The new leadership is working aggressively and strategically in order to bring the university to a better status so as to meet the expectations of the public.
To achieve the university’s vision, the new leadership has introduced the motto ‘Deliver a year’s task in a month’s time’.
Linking the university with the surrounding community through community service projects, conducting problem-solving research, transferring technologies, introducing smart agriculture, creating job opportunities for the local community, and improving the quality of education are some of the major focus areas of the university.
Establishing strong partnerships and collaborations with international research organizations and prestigious universities is one way to improve the university’s achievements.
I would like to invite the university community, our stakeholders, and development partners to support the university’s leadership so that the university can achieve its vision and mission.
We build generations!

Diriba Eticha Tujuba (PhD)

Gambella University President

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