Programs List

Gambella University has a number of undergraduate and master’s degree programs. These programs are offered in different disciplines including college of Engineering and Technology, College of Agriculture and Natural Resource, faculty of Business economics, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, School of Law and College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Freshman Natural and Social Science Streams.

List of Undergraduate Programs
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  1. Aquaculture and Fishery Management
  2. Department of rural development and agricultural extension
  3. Department of Agribusiness and Value Chain Management
  4. Department of Agricultural Economics
  5. Department of Animal Science
  6. Department of environmental science
  7. Department of Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development
  8. Department of Horticulture
  9. Department of Natural Resource Management
  10. Department of Plant Science
  11. Department of Soil Resource and Watershed Management
  12. Department of Wildlife and Eco -Tourism Management

College of Engineering and Technology

  1. Department of Civil Engineering
  2. Department of Food Process Engineering
  3. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  4. Department of Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
  5. Department of electrical and computer engineering
  6. Department of mining engineering

Faculty of Business and Economics

  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Department of Cooperative Business Management
  3. Department of Accounting & Finance
  4. Department of Economics
  5. Department of Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  6. Department of Management
  7. Department of marketing management
  8. Department of Public Administration & Development Management
  9. Tourism and Hotel Management

Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences

  1. Department of Public Health
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Computer Science
  4. Department of Mathematics
  5. Department of Physics
  6. Department of Sport Science
  7. Department of Statistics
  8. Department of Biology

Faculty Social Science and Humanity

  • BA in Civics and Ethical Education
  • BA in Gender and Development Studies
  • BA in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • BA in psychology
  • BA in sociology and social anthropology
  • BA in history and heritage management
  • BA in geography and environmental studies
  • BA in educational planning and development management
  • BA in special need and inclusive education

School of Law

  1. LLB in Law

School of Post Graduate Studies

  1. MA in peace and security studies
  2. MA in Project Planning and Management
  3. MA in Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  4. MA in Business Administration
  5. MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  6. MSc in Animal Production
  7. MA in Development Studies
  8. MSc in Environmental Science
  9. MSc in Mathematics
  10. LLM in Human Rights
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