About registrar

Welcome to Gambella University Office of the Registrar!

The Office of Registrar is dedicated primarily to serve the students and instructors in specific and the community in general by providing services pertaining to preparation of academic calendar of the University, admission, registration, administering students’ ID cards(i.e. issuing, renewing and replacing of the students’ identification cards), keeping academic records, academic status determination, credits evaluations, add/drop cases, organizing graduation ceremony, issuance of academic transcripts and credentials,awarding diplomas, reporting cost sharing information to concerned bodies,authenticates diplomas and other related subjects of alumni.

Office of the Registrar of the University is entailing of nine service units. Namely,

  • Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences service unit
  • Faculty of Business and Economics service unit
  • Faculty Social Science and Humanity service unit
  • College of Engineering and Technology service unit
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resource service unit
  • School of Law service unit
  • School of Post Graduate service unit
  • Natural science stream service unit
  • Social Science service unit