Vice President Office

Vice President for Administration, Business and Development

The Vice President for Administration Business and Development (VPABD) is one of the two vice president offices within the university.  The office plays the leading and coordination role with respective directorates and offices in order to provide effective and efficient service for students as well as the internal and external community and to create a conducive working environment for teaching-learning core process of the university.
Improve the administrative, business , and development situation of the university according to high national and international standards.
Develop the administrative, business and development services and systems at the university. The office will also apply the quality systems to raise the competencies of the university within a stimulation environment for excellences and improvement.
* Advise and assist the President in matters related to finance & administration;
* Direct and coordinate, in agreement with the President, the general limits of administrative and financial activities of the University;
* Provide leadership on efficient management of facilities and resources;
* Ensure implementation of recruitment and promotion of staff as per the University’s rules and regulations;
* Achieve the University’s vision and mission in leadership of blended learning and provide a distinct and a supportive learning environment.
* Provide distinct services to faculty members and employees.
* Develop policies that will maximize the benefits from financial expenses and follow-up, manage and audit them.
* Implement the quality standards and continuous improvement to elevate work efficiency in the departments and facilities of the Vice Presidency , and find out mechanism that ensures the continuity of work development.
* Provide full support to create an effective learning environment for students.
The office runs eight directorates and two offices at the university level. These are:
• Special Advisor to Vice President Office
• Internal Income Generation Directorate;
• Human Resource Management Directorate;
• Procurement and Property Management Directorate;
• Finance and Budget Directorate
• Property Administration Directorate
• General Service Directorate;
• Student Services Directorate
• Construction Project Coordination Office
• Campus Beautification and Facility Management Directorate

Yonas Kefialew Workneh (Ph.D), Vice President for Administration, Business and Development
Cell Phone: +251913167623 or +251956529252
Email: or 126
Gambella, Ethiopia

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