Research themes

Themes-1:Agriculture and Natural Resources


  • Crop Production And Productivity Improvement
  • Plant Protection And Post Harvest Management
  • Agronomics Practices And Productivities
  • Horticultural Crops Production And Processing
  • Extension Service Delivery System/Indigenous/Traditional Technologies
  • Gender Issues/ Gender/ Youth/ Children and disaster
  • Poverty Reduction/ Food Security / Resentments In The Regional State
  • Socio-Economic And Institutional Changes
  • Farming System/ Livelihood Analysis
  • Investment Policy/ Program/ Project Approaches
  • Livestock Production/ Fishery/ Beekeeping Productivity and Health
  • Animal Breading And Genetics/ Animal Nutrition And Range Land
  • Natural Resources Management/ Potential Analysis/ Land Use Planning And Evaluation
  • Domestic Biogas Technology
  • Renewable Energy & Bio-Fertilizer
  • Soil Management & Conservation/ Soil Analysis And Characterization
  • Integrated Watershed Management/ Social/ Political/ Economical Evaluation of The Watershed Areas
  • Environmental Management/ Water Resources Managements
  • Indigenous Natural Resources Conservation And Rehabilitation Knowledge/ Practices
  • Ecotourism Management/Development
  • Disaster & Risk Management/ Indigenous Disaster And Risk Coping/ Averting Practices
  • Sustainable Development/ Natural Resources Utilization
  • Early Warning
  • Migration/ refugees/ Conflict and Trauma counseling
  • Environment and population/ conflict management
  • Climatic change adaption and mitigation

Themes-2:Business and Economics


  • Access, utilization and quality of social services
  • Community livelihoods and their cope up strategies
  • Cooperative organizations and their sustainability
  • Access to physical infrastructures and markets
  • Access to micro-finance loan
  • Resource utilization of the community

Themes-3:Basic Sciences


  • Culture, language and development
  • Peace and security
  • Democracy, media and good governance
  • Psycho-social
  • Information communication Technology (ICT) and Development
  • Animal production and health
  • Plant production and health
  • Environmental, Natural resources and climate change
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