College of Engineering and Technology

 College of engineering and Technology was established in the year 2009 E.C as a faculty by inaugural of Civil and Food Processing Engineering. In 2012 E.C, the college becomes four years old since its inception and there is a tremendous change which has been noticed. One of the change is that the college introduced additional two departments such as; Water resource and Irrigation and Mechanical Engineering. Therefore, the total number of departments under college of engineering and Technology became four. Based on 2012 E.C statistic, there are a total number of 69 students under department of Civil Engineering, 84 students under Food Processing Engineering, 50 students under Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering and 69 students under Mechanical Engineering department. These bring the overall total number of students under Engineering College to be 272. Furthermore, the College introduced Civil Engineering discipline for weekend program and for the coming 2013 E.C Academic years, the college is going to graduate her first batch in Civil and Food Processing Engineering. In order to compensate the need of having qualify staffs, the college is sending bachelor degree holder to different universities to pursue their second degree every year. Currently, 40 B.Sc. holders have been send to diverse universities to do their second degree and the college is planning to send additional 27 staffs in 2013 E.C academic years. Presently, we have 8 native master holder, 4 foreign master holders and 2 foreign doctor’s holders under engineering college. We work hand to hand with local community in solving their real life problems related to engineering field of endeavor. As such, the college is planning to introduce electrical engineering department and weekend program for the available departments to respond for regional and country community need in those areas. In its research and community engagement effort, the college works in close collaboration and partnership with academic, research and community service and others stakeholder within the institution. We have a very strong desire to have a good number of students in the subsequent years as the number of staffs will keep increasing.

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