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Gambella University School of Law has been established in 2016 by the University senate as School level. The school of Law is one of the prominent Public Law Schools in Ethiopia following the decision of the Ministry of Education to expand higher education program. The School is located at the vibrant city of Gambella. Currently, in the field of law, the School is giving training in Regular LLB), Continuing Education (LLB) and  Summer (LLB). Because of the ever increasing demand for qualified legal professionals with high level of training, the School has already started expanding its horizon of training into master of laws program in Human right Law (LL.M in Human Rights).


The School of Law aspires to become center of excellence in legal education, research and community services and one of the most preferred School at national, regional and global level.


The School strives to produce competent legal professionals and also seeks to promote culture of democracy, good governance, tolerance, equality, social justice and economic development through the dispensation of quality legal education, research and community engagement.

Main activities

  • Producing competent and quality educated manpower in the programs the school run
  • Engaging in researches and projects based on the focus areas of the university
  • Promoting community based activities;
  • Empowering different institutions in the justice system of the region as well as South western part of the country
  • Training and graduating quality and adequate manpower at different levels to meet the ever increasing need of the Ethiopian society in the field of law;
  • Contributing to the national effort to strengthen the proper administration of justice and prevalence of rule of law;
  • Enhancing good governance, equality, tolerance, respect for and realization of human rights and other vital values in our emerging democracy;
  • Inculcating the basic values of the FDRE Constitution in the minds of our graduates and creating the sense of duty to work towards its observance and enforcement;
  • Creating vibrant research community so as to generate knowledge through research and publication;
  • Networking with international and local organizations for the realization of justice;

Strategic Direction

Our school aspires to attain under the umbrella of Gambella University and through a continuous upgrading of the human and resource capacities, the School of Law has a strategic direction of becoming leading School in the country and reputable to the rest of the world.

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria to the undergraduate program are the criteria set by the ministry of education and LL.B curriculum. Candidates to the LL.M program are recruited based on Ministry of Education policy direction and cumulative assessment of their academic performance on their undergraduate program, results from entrance exam prepared by the school

Services offered by the school

The school offers a Free Legal Aid Service to those who do not afford legal representation and vulnerable groups of the region both host and refugee communities.


SNo Educational LevelQty
 2Associate Professor
 4Master’s Degree9
 5Bachelor’s Degree8
Total 18


It is my great pleasure conveying this message as School of Law Dean at Gambella University (GBU School of Law  is one of the progressive school within Gambella University, which was established in 2016 as part of the GBU restructuring program by then. The School runs both Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) programs. The school of Law contains one undergraduate program in Bachelor of Law in Regular, weekend and Summer (LLB) and on post graduate programs, namely:  LLM in Human Right law.

As one of the Comprehensive University in Ethiopia, Gambella University in general and the School of Law in particular are striving diligently to advance the academic and research engagements of the staff and its graduates. The academic staffs of School of Law actively engaged on teaching learning, research and community activities related to law, human right, Land and environment, Tax, environmental management, policy analysis and etc. By their very nature, the academic fields of studies within School of Law are accommodative and multidisciplinary for most social science field of studies. Disciplinary, thematic and collaborative research activities are among others, where the college academic staffs are widely contributing to the academia and problem solving findings to the local community.

Community engagement is the other pillar of the academic institutions in Ethiopia, where School of Law is highly striving to make it reality. To this effect, the school has been widely working on Free Legal Aid (FLA) support for vulnerable group of the society among the local and refugee communities. Local Capacity Building programs through training schemes are the other community engagement system of the school where several local community members were addressed. Moreover, international institutional collaboration is also among others that the School is highly striving to attain it. Subsequently, the School was successful so far in securing social project funds from UNDP, ELA, and DRC engaged on free legal aid services, community peace building and University peace education affairs. 

With all these concerns in mind, School of Law  is diligently working for academic excellence of the existing programs and to launch other related post graduate programs with a due academic quality and standard. Furthermore, the school promptly engages on research and community engagement projects at large scale. Hence, we sincerely invite you all to access and follow GBU website for the update information about school and we are thankful for that in advance.


Bezabih Tibebu Checkol (LL.B, LL.M), School of Law Dean

Office phone:

Email: bezabihtibebu12@gmail.con  //

Phone no: +251931665128

POB: – 126

Gambella University, Ethiopia

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