School of law -ScL

The school of law was established in 2015 G.c.and had begun its activities accepting 35 students on regular program and 15 students on summer program.Until a new policy has been adopted in 2020 G.c. by the ministry of science and higher education, the school has been admitting students who completed the national preparatory education with acceptable grades and wish to join
the schools of law as will be selected from a list of students assigned to the social sciences streams on competitive basis or be placed in the regular program by the Ministry of Education. Starting from 2020 G.c. students who completed the national preparatory education with acceptable grades and passed the entrance exam prepared by the school can be admitted to the school. In line with the national modularized curriculum of the LLB program in laws, students who successfully complete the core, optional and general modules listed under the Modularized LL.B curriculum, earn passing grades in the National Exit Examination and fulfill the Externship program with a passing score – all with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and no un-removed “F”grade – shall be eligible for graduation.

When the school is opened back in 2015 it has only 2 full time and 3 part time instructors, but now it has more than 15 academic staffs.By now the school is offering courses for LL.B students at regular, extension and summer programs. Beside teaching-learning activities, different legal activities have also been carried out in the past years. The school has been working with Addis Ababa university free legal aid service center on providing free legal aid services to the communities in Gambella townwhich has come to end on 2019 G.C. Following that, the school has signed memorandum of understanding with UNDP for joint project implementation of free legal aid services to host and refugee communities which is designed to stay from 2019-2022 G.c.

The school is a member to the Ethiopia law school’s consortium since 2019 G.c. We have planned that LL.M program at least in two different streams will be opened by the year 2025 G.C. Our students will also start participating on national and regional moot court competitions.