Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences -FoNCS


Gambella University Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences (FNCS)  had established in the spring of 2009 E.C. At the establishment, the faculty had only six under graduate fields of studies. But Mathematics Department was started in 2008 E.C. under faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity which is now under faculty of Natural & Computational Sciences. Since its establishment, the faculty has registered several achievements and there are vital landmarks in the history of the university.

The Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences in its more than 3 years of establishment has gone through various stages of development. Currently, the Faculty encompasses six departments offering undergraduate degrees.

The objectives of undergraduate programs

  • Produce skilled and well-trained manpower who are capable of taking up positions in the growing demand of the various sectors of the economy such as various industries, and learning institutions, research institutions, as well as various environmental conservation endeavors of  the country;
  • Disseminate knowledge in science and related areas through active participation in related professional activities, such as Regional Networking, Workshops, Symposia and Publications;
  • Develop capabilities for the provision of consultancy and technical services as well as short term specialized training to both public and private sectors. 

Lists of Departments under the Faculty in regular program

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Computer Science

The Faculty has Biology & Computer Science Departments in Weekend Program.


The Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences envisions, GmU being one of the best ten Universities in East Africa by 2030.


  • To prepare knowledgeable, skilled, practically innovative and attitudinally mature graduates
  • To supply relevant and demanded technology and knowledge to solve national and community level problems
  • To help governmental and nongovernmental organizations efficient, effective and competitive.
  • To provide training and consulting services to community and government

  Core Values:

  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness
  • Truth and Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Academic freedom

 Teaching learning Core process

Since the main objective of establishing universities throughout the country is to transfer knowledge, Faculty of natural and computational sciences works for Excellency in teaching learning process. Based on the policy of Ministry of Science and Higher Education(MOSHE) the Faculty begins to implement modular approaches in 2010 E. C. right at the time of its establishment.  Students are evaluated through continuous assessment to get their weakness area and remedial action is taken. To make the teaching learning process practical, the Faculty tries to establish Computer laboratory class for Computer Science and other departments who need practical work.

Research and Community service

One of the mission of higher institution is conducting a problem solving research. In this regard the Faculty has done different research works so far. Regarding community service, staff members of the Faculty give Tutorial service for different high school students and give training for primary and high school teachers and workers from different sectors. 

Current academic staffs of the Faculty of Natural & Computational Sciences

Although sport Science Department is not opened under the Faculty, Sport Science Lecturers had employed under FNCS in 2012 E.C to teach Common course for first year students.



National Expatriate Total
Grad.Ass. Lecturer Assi. Prof. Assoc.


Prof. Lecturer Assi.Prof. Assoc.Prof. Prof.
Mathematics 10 7 1 1 2 21
Physics 7 5 12
Chemistry 5 4 1 10
Biology 9 7 1 17
Statistics 12 2 1 1 16
Computer Science 16 5 3 4 28
Sport Science 2 4 6