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Gambella University is a higher education institution in Ethiopia established with Regulation No. 317/06 of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The University is mandated with three core focus areas such as Academic, Research and Community Service. The coming into existence of the institution began formerly with the establishment of Gambella Agricultural, Technical, Vocational and Educational Training (GATVET) College which was organized and managed by the former Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, GPNRS and Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development from 2002 to 2012 so as to produce middle level Agricultural Developmental Agents. Later on, based on the agreement made between the Ministry of Education and Regional stakeholders, it was affiliated with Mettu University and become the College of Agriculture and Natural Resource campus.

Right after, the establishment of Gambella University in 2014 opened a new chapter in the history of the Gambella Region. As a result of university establishment 514 students were enrolled by Ministry of Education to study in Gambella University in College of Agriculture and Natural Resource and Faculty of Business and Economics both with total of thirteen Departments.   

Gambella University Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service Vice President Office is the university’s wing aimed at sound offering of the academic, research, community service and technology transfer so as to meet the institution’s each core focus area that answers the local community needs and highly contribute in country’s development in particular and global transformation of educational sectors through science, technology and innovation driven at large.

Since the launching of the university in 2014, the wing was formerly named as Academic and Research Vice President Office which then later changed in 2017 to Academic Vice President Office and then became Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service Vice President Office since the implementation of new structure of the comprehensive universities in the country in early 2023.

Currently, this wing is operating with forty five (45) undergraduate and ten (10) postgraduate programs and one (1) unit with four colleges (College of Agriculture and Natural Resource, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Engineering and Technology and College of Business and Economics), one faculty (Faculty of Social Science and Humanities) and one school (School of Law). In addition, the wing has six (6) directorates namely; Academic Programs Directorate, Educational Quality Improvement Directorate, Registrar and Alumni Directorate, Research, Publication and Ethics Directorate, Community Service Directorate and Library and Information Center Directorate.


  • To caliber professionals and high quality researchers to be recognized in 2030 as one of the leading centers of academic excellence in Africa and excel in community services provision


  • To provide high quality academic and training to produce competent citizens and enhance modern technology and problem solving researches

main activities

  • Leading and guiding the overall delivery of the academic aspects of the wing 
  • Leading and guiding in the conduction of the overall sound based researches and the community service delivery of the wing
  • Leading and guiding in transfer of the technologies to the community and partnering with diverse institutions to meet the institution, national and global demands in areas of academia 


SNoEducational LevelQty 
 2Associate Professor– 
 4Master’s Degree –
 5Bachelor’s Degree1

Contact Address

Pal Both Dol (PhD), Academic, Research, Technology Transfer and Community Service Vice President

Phone office:- +251471510113

Mobile:- +251-917303194

Email: –

POB:- 126

Gambella University, Ethiopia

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