Post Graduate school (PGS)

Background of the Gambella University Post Graduate school (PGS)

Gambella University was established in 2014 in order to conduct learningteaching, research and community services. As part of the teaching learning process a MoU was signed between Gambnella University(GU) and Green Research Institute for development (GRID) to launch a joint weekend master program in 2017 G.C. This done to bridge the skill and human resources gap in Gambella University so that professors from diverse fields will share experiences with Gambella University academic staffs.  Due to the agreement between the two institutions three departments were opened. The followings are the departments: Department of project planning and management, department of development studies and department of management and business administration.

So far Gambella University PGS had enrolled four batches in three different departments. During the first batch 62 and second batch 34 students were graduated. From third batch 63 students are on data collection and 112 fourth batch students are on third semester learning teaching process. Up-to-date 96 students were graduated from all batches.

For 2020/2021 academic year Gambella University is preparing for promotion in order to enroll new students in the above mentioned three departments. New departments will be included to attract new students and expand aces to education for the surrounding communities. 

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