College of Business and Economics



In the country‘s economic development plans and strategies, the role of universities in human resource capacity building and technological innovations has been identified as one of the key pillars in the economic and social transformation process of the country.

Therefore, Gambella University is founded on the same principles that underlie sound strategic planning such as the need to create and sustain an enabling environment in which academic excellence (via teaching, research and innovation), academic freedom, democracy, inclusiveness, autonomy, and highly talented   people can flourish. 

The plan articulates  the Vission  Mission Core Value Strategic goal  objectives of Gambella University  for the coming three  years  with this  implication. By so  doing this its  enables Gambella Univerdity College  of Business and Economics  to deliver high  quality education , under take problem-solving research and knowledge generation; and engage the community for mutual transformation.


College of Business and economic aspire to be one of the best Universities in Ethiopia in solving societal problems for having best career-oriented programs in business, information systems, and public administration  by  2030 GC.


To develop individuals from diverse backgrounds into professionals with a global perspective through a comprehensive education in business, information systems, and public administration that emphasizes academic excellence, professionalism, and innovation in teaching, scholarship and service in the country.  

Main activities

  • Manage the financial resource of any organization by applying the techniques in public sector budgeting, financial planning, analyzing financial statements and basic non-profit accounting techniques;
  • Committed   to challenging minds, cultivating talents and connecting people in   managing Market Economic for a   technological -rich learning environment.
  • College of Business and Economics to deliver high quality education, under take problem-solving research and knowledge generation; and engage the community for mutual transformation.
  • Strengthen community service through Community Based Education (CoBE) by applying Develop Team Training Program  (DTTP)
  • Improve livelihood of community through the development of outreach projects.
SNo.Educational Level Acc & Fin.LSCMManagementMarketingPADMH&TMBFnCoop. Busi.Mgmt
2Associate Professor 11


Name: Abwalla Jay Okwer (MA), College of Business and Economics, Dean 

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